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the opennotebook is walk-in gallery rehearsal/performance event. as we build the piece and expand on the questions being investigated, we extend an invitation to interface with ideas through a range of mediums: words, sketches, movement, voice and video. 

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the opennotebook is supported by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. 

tania flying

TaniaIsaacDance exists as a laboratory for creating highly physical, poetic, contemporary movement narratives that drive social and artistic discourse. In addition to creating collaboratively across artistic disciplines, we propose to create forums and ancillary projects that precipitate and advocate for intellectual curiosity and civic engagement.

Keeping at the center the absolutely addictive sensation of moving with both meditation and abandon, we aim to distill the satisfaction that we crave from the freedom to move in any form/idiom/culture/location and marry it with the conscious ideas of how dance/movement/art/thought shapes who we are; where we exist/live and how we negotiate that interaction.